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We are pleased to host the first ever Sing Me High Music Festival Songwriter Contest on Saturday, August 24, 2019, at the Sing Me High Music Festival in Harrisonburg, VA.
The Sing Me High Music Festival celebrates music and faith in the Shenandoah Valley, and we encourage musicians to reflect the love of Jesus into the world through their songwriting.


  1. GRAND PRIZE - $500

  2. Young Songwriter Prize - $250

  3. Honorable Mention - $100


There are three stages to the Songwriter Contest:

  1. Song Submission by JULY 1, 2019

  2. Selection for Finalist Showcase - AUGUST 1, 2019

  3. Finalist Showcase - AUGUST 24, 2019 [Prizes Awarded at 7:00 PM]

Entry - An original song. May be any style or genre.
Entrant** - A songwriter, or songwriting team. (Sometimes multiple heads, hearts, and voices are better than one.)



  1. Entries shall be original songs that reflect the values of Brethren & Mennonites. Peace, non-violence, simple living, Creation care, stewardship, reconciliation, community, service, and love of neighbors/enemies are some of the core values of Brethren & Mennonites. Feel free to contact with questions.

  2. Entries shall be submitted in the form of Lyrics (PDF or Word) and Audio (MP3) via email to by JULY 1, 2019. Entrants may submit no more than five (5) entries.

  3. Entries shall not contain profanity, sexual innuendo, or references to drugs or alcohol. The Sing Me High Music Festival is a family-friendly event; if in doubt, steer clear.

  4. Entry to the contest is open to all.


  1. The Finalist Showcase will feature 10-12 finalists***, selected from entries received by July 1, 2019.

  2. Entries shall be reviewed by a panel for selection to the Finalist Showcase.

  3. Finalists shall be notified of selection on or before Aug. 1.

  4. Selected finalists shall confirm that they will perform in the Finalist Showcase by Aug. 5.

  5. Entrants must be able to perform their songs at the festival on Saturday, August 24, 2019 to qualify for selection.


  1. All finalists will receive complimentary 2-Day passes to the Sing Me High Music Festival. Friends and family will need to purchase tickets.

  2. Finalists will receive email instructions about performance time, check-in, load-in, soundcheck, etc.

  3. Winners for each prize will be selected from finalists performing in Aug. 24 showcase.

  4. Prizes will be announced from the Joseph Funk stage at 7:00 PM.

  5. In an effort to especially encourage young and developing songwriters, the Young Songwriter Prize will be awarded to someone under the age of 21. (The Grand Prize will be awarded to the best songwriter overall; if that person is under 21, they will receive the Grand Prize. The Young Songwriter Prize will be awarded to a second songwriter under 21.)

  6. Songwriting is inherently subjective. Judges’ scoring will account for 70% of scoring in the contest. Our panel of judges will make determinations with regards to selection of finalists and awarding of prizes based on a number of criteria including:

    • Connection to Brethren & Mennonite values

    • Lyrics

    • Music

    • Performance

  7. In addition to the panel of judges, an audience vote will account for 30% of the scores.

*The recorded performance (Audio) may include any number of performers.

**All entrants will receive a promo code for discounted admission to the Sing Me High Music Festival. Promo codes will emailed along with notification as to selection status for showcase.

***Finalist Showcase performances may include a reasonable number of performers. Sing Me High Music Festival reserves the right to charge a discounted admission fee at the discretion of festival organizers.