Quilt Raffle


It all started when...

As a senior in college, Kristina (Landis) Yoder -- fiddler/violinist for the Walking Roots Band -- decided to focus her capstone project on quilt-making. Throughout the course of her project, she spent numerous afternoons with her grandmother's quilting circle at Doylestown Mennonite Church in Doylestown, PA. She learned the art of quilting from these masters of the craft, and she got to experience the fellowship shared around a quilt frame with women who have given their time and talents in faithful service.

Since that project, Kristina made quilts for friends and family for weddings, Christmas, anniversaries, and babies. In 2016, she made a quilt for the inaugural Sing Me High Music Festival.


In 2017, she made a second quilt for the 2nd annual Sing Me High Music Festival.


For the 3rd Annual Sing Me High Music Festival, the quilt raffle will feature a baby quilt, because the quilter is due to have a baby on Aug. 24! The quilt will be on display in the Log House in the merchandise sales area. Tickets will be available there for $20 for 1 ticket / $50 for 5 tickets. All proceeds from the raffle benefit the mission and vision of the Valley Brethren-Mennonite Heritage Center and the celebration of music and faith at the Sing Me High Music Festival.