Octo Snare Raffle


A modern day Renaissance man…

Jackson Maust is truly a man of many talents. If you know the Walking Roots Band, you know him as the upright bass player with a healthy beard and silky smooth voice with a range that reaches from warm and full deep bass to clear and strong high tenor (and alto, on occasion). Professionally, he is a physical therapist at Augusta Medical Center. He is also of course an incredible husband, father, and friend, but his talents don't end there.

Jackson and his wife Katie are both committed members and leaders with the Harrisonburg Rescue Squad, where Jackson helps to maintain the fleet of rescue vehicles, in addition to running calls, serving as Duty Officer, and just generally saving the day.

If that weren't enough, Jackson is also a professional-grade wood-worker, having built numerous beautiful pieces of furniture for the Maust home, as well as a crib for their daughter. With this raffle item, Jackson combines his passion for wood-working with another secret talent: Jackson was an All-State percussionist in high school.

The octo-snare cajon is a fascinating and versatile little instrument. It plays like a hand-drum and sounds like a snare drum. It is extremely portable, and is a great addition to any musician's arsenal. Come try it out in the merch house at the Sing Me High Music Festival on Aug. 24-25, 2018!